‘Hands of Stone’

Amazing story, amazing actors, and amazing movie!

The ‘Hands of Stone’ Movie, starring Edgar Ramirez (Roberto Duran), Robert De Niro (Ray Arcel), and Usher (Myself) had just released this past weekend and I LOVED it. The film was done so well. It felt surreal to be in a seat as I watched the moments that I personally lived through play out on screen. It was amazing to see the life of my rival & enemy, Roberto Duran, and me be a big part of it.

I know my man Usher was the perfect fit for this role to play me in the film. He’s so talented, and he did not disappoint in this film either. He trained so hard and worked with me to learn the fundamentals of boxing and some of my signature moves such as the bolo punch. Usher made me so proud in this film and he knows it.


Edgar Ramirez and Robert De Niro also did an amazing job as they showed the chemistry that Roberto Duran and Ray Arcel truly had. It was great to see his life and the struggles he had to go through to become the amazing boxer that he is. If you haven’t seen this film yet, be sure to catch it. It’s an amazing story and a movie that I would watch multiple times!


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