Sugar Ray Leonard - Marvin Hagler

    28 years ago today….I came out of retirement to defeat The Marvelous Marvin Hagler. It would be my first fight in 35 months and one of my proudest achievements in the ring. Many had doubts that I can come out of retirement and fight such an amazing fighter, yet I never stopped believing in myself. People thought I was crazy, and believed that I would take a beating from him.

    I never stopped believing in myself. I never stopped working my training my hardest. I never wanted something so bad.¬†You can never underestimate the heart of a fighter. Here’s a video of that fight to help motivate you this Monday!



    1. Ray loved your boxing skills but having watched the fight many times I’m sure you backed of the champ (MMH) the whole fight!! Only Vegas Decision!!

    2. Greatly enjoyed your presentation at Indiana State University last night. Very inspiring man. Thank you for all of those fights in the past. Good Luck in the future. A fan, Gary Renick


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