Sugar Ray Leonard-1-4

I fought tall fighters, short fighters, strong fighters, slow fighters, sluggers and boxers. It was either learn or get knocked off.


  1. Mr. Leonard,
    My father, Jimmy Ryan, worked for you with Mike Trainer when I was a young girl. I currently work at a juvenile placement for boys in Pennsylvania. They come from the toughest streets in Philly. Many of them dream of becoming boxers. Do you have any words of wisdom for them? It would mean so much to me. I have such fond memories of you from my childhood.
    Thank you,
    Colleen Gilmartin (Ryan)

    • Hi Colleen – I love your dad and my advice would simply be to continue to dream and never give up on anything that is your passion! Continue working hard and know that there is never a short cut to greatness! God Bless


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