My Thoughts on the Canelo vs. GGG Fight

    The fight this past weekend definitely lived up to the hype! Two amazing boxing icons, Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin, finally met in the ring to battle it out. This was one of the most anticipated fights in year… and it was such a close fight!

    Throughout the fight, you can definitely tell how much respect each fighter had for each other. They were very cautious with the punches that they threw. I liked what I saw in Canelo. He won the early rounds and was confident in those rounds. However, he didn’t let his hands go as I thought he should have. When he made GGG miss, he needed to make GGG pay with those counter punches.

    Each fighter was capable of throwing dangerous combinations, yet they didn’t do it during this fight. GGG continued with his jab throughout the fight which gave him the slight edge over Canelo. I did expect more body shots from GGG as well. Both fighters made this not only a competitive fight, but it was also a cerebral fight.

    This fight reminds me of my fight with Marvin Hagler in many ways. I had to outbox Marvin Hagler and be smart with the punches I threw. Marvin was known to be a dangerous boxer and people thought I was crazy for taking this fight. Yet, when I won that fight, people to this day disagree with the decision. This fight is also like my second fight with Tommy Hearns. It was a highly anticipated fight and it also ended in a draw. Side note: To this day, I still tell Tommy that he won that fight.

    I would expect an early rematch for Canelo vs. GGG! We’ll see how it goes.

    What were your thoughts from the fight?


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