Christopher Grey - Sugar Ray Leonard

I had an amazing time during my UK Tour and was glad to have met an amazing young kid, Christopher Grey and his Mom! Chris lost his father Jeff to a brain tumor in 2012 as well as his grandfather Wyndham from the same illness three years prior. He’s only 13 years old, but doing so much!

You can support Chris with his fundraising at:


  1. Ray I love the pic of you chris has where you are sticking out your chin taunting Duran…Man I hated glad you did that to him! John F Buckley Hull MA

  2. Chris is a fab kid and determined to help raise as much money towards finding a cure for brain tumours so no other family has to go through the trauma of losing a loved one like he has with his dad Jeff. It was lovely of you to invite him and his mum Cath along and also donate memorabillia to help his fundraising. We’ve set up a website for the fundraising if you’d like to keep up with how things are going,


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