Mayweather vs. Pacquiao – My Thoughts

    Sugar Ray Leonard - Boxing

    Manny Pacquiao

    Manny Pacquiao, I believe, posed too much against Floyd Mayweather. He would have been much more effective throwing punches in bunches, when appropriate to do so. Another option that Manny could have done was cut the ring off by making the ring feel smaller. It would have helped Manny get in the position where he can throw those flurries, that he tried to do in the bout.

    Floyd Mayweather Jr. 

    Floyd “Money” Mayweather simply did what he had to do to stay undefeated. The fans may not have enjoyed seeing the fight, but Floyd was doing what he became 47-0 doing… And that’s boxing smart. With Manny, he created what appeared to be an opening, yet he was really setting himself up to counter Manny’s punches. Manny only connected on 19% of his punches; something he’s totally not used to.

    Overall Thoughts

    In the end, the viewers and attendees were disappointed with this fight and many say, #Underwhelmed. Floyd did what he does best, while Manny couldn’t connect with as many punches as he’d like. Of course there’s the talk about Manny’s shoulder, but that’s another issue. The whole production did a masterful job with their marketing of this fight, taking advantage of every conceivable revenue stream to blow all the numbers out of the record books. Who knows, we may never see numbers like this again! After all, Mayweather did prove to have a 9-figure check in his pocket in the post-fight interview. All in all, there’s talk about a rematch after Manny is healthy, but we’ll have to see if that happens. And if so, do fans even want to see this fight happen? What are your thoughts?[/fusion_text]


    1. The thing is that those of us who “learned” boxing watching guys like you, Joe Frazier or Ali, just to mention a few, believe box is a sport for two guys trying to knock each other down. Certainly that is not what we saw the other day. I wouldn’t pay a ticket to see Mayweather “fight”.

      • If that’s the case every boxer would be a brawler Ali wasn’t a brawler he was outside fighter didn’t look to knock u out and if he did that’s a bonus Frazier and foremen believed that not Ali of he wouldn’t came up with the terms float like a butterfly sting like a be your hands can’t touch what ya eyes can’t see.

      • No, with guys like Ali, Frazier, Robinson, Pep. We say guys who did what they had to win. No great fighter sought the KO, they took it if the k opportunity presented itself.

      • Sugar Ray will admit that he used those same strategies against Marvin Hagler, and I’m sure you aren’t frightening Floyd Mayweather into thinking he’s going to be broke just because you won’t pay to see him fight anymore.

      • Its not even a boxing strategy.. Its another form of Boxing.. Mr Webster should update his Definition of “BOXING” adding the terms like RUNNING, HUGGING, DUCKING and MONEY MAKING BUSINESS.. WHAT A POOR DEFINITION IT HAS BEEN SINCE YOU PEOPLE DECIDED TO MARKET A SO CALLED STRATEGIST.. NOW YOUR BOXING IS DYING..

        • Boxing it is not only about throwing punches. That is a street fight. Boxing is ALSO about strategy, about thinking, about being efficient and about clever wasting energy.

          • yup, cleverly wasted our Money, Time and Efforts.. What was predicted as “the fight of the century” was foreseen as the best to be remembered in rescent memory is also “the best money making business of the century”

            I will watch another Manny Pacquiao Fight but i wont even by PPV for Mayweather..

            • Let me say this again. Despite the media and others who give their predictions, you all knew what Floyd style and game plan was. You all listened to other folks and got sucked into buying and watching this fight. Yes, Floyd has always stayed on the outside (as you would say RAN) most of the fight. He has done that during all of his fights, so with that being said, that’s you all’s fought. Boxing isn’t just a sport anymore, its a BUSINESS. Now 5 reasons you can’t blame Floyd for a boring fight.
              Here’s some……..
              1) Pac couldn’t get his offense going
              2) Freddie Roach had no game plan or strategy to stop Floyd
              3) Even though Pac was aggressive, he would let up after his flurry of punches
              4) Pac didn’t cut off the ring. He didn’t use the sq. footage to his advantage
              5) He gave up and was frustrated

              We have to remember that the punch stats shows that Floyd threw more punches and had a higher percentage of punches that landed. Pac had 19% of his punches that landed. That’s not going to win fights folks. When we have high expectations and those expectations are not met, we tend to get upset, mad, angry, and disappointed. Like it or not, Floyd out smarted Pac. So the bottom line is f you elect to never pay for any of Mayweather’s fights anymore, just remember that Floyd and Pac went home with about 100 million in their pocket of our hard working money that didn’t live up to the hype. Boxers don’t get paid without the fans. Both camps and the media tricked and influenced us to buy into the fight. What a business. Hell I need to become a promoter. lol

      • What ppl have to realize is Mayweather is a natural smaller guy..even his walk around weight is about 148..fighting at 145 he has no major power at all..he has just enough to keep a person off him..far as being a smart boxer who doesnt take chances, yes he is a master at hitting and not getting hit which has always been the art of boxing..ppl compare Floyd to some of the greats like Ali but forget ur talking about “heavy weights” who have so much more your research on Floyd, when he fought the lighter weight classes he had a lot TKO’s but at 147 Floyd is most likely to go the distance with “most” fighters..and PS to address manny so called shoulder injury, that would not change a dam thing!!! Manny was out boxed by great footwork by floyd..he kept manny away with a jab and put Manny in a position where he would only be able to get in his punch range unless he “leaped” in (which floyd would make him pay for that mistake) Manny couldnt cut the ring off simply becuz floyds foot work was much better then his..out boxed by a greater and better boxer simple as that..✌️

        • great analysis. i’m not really a boxing fan and haven’t really watched it since the golden age of heavyweights – 90s. that said, you included some insights that i hadn’t seen before.

        • That just about sums it up – Tnx Mont – I don’t think Floyd should give his opponent a rematch – De opponent has 2 try 2 cont. with his life – There r many high profile boxers that he can still fight nd be satisfied nd 4get bout Floyd who is far ahead…

        • If u can’t see that Floyd is a naturally bigger guy than Manny, and it’s not even close. Fight looked like a big welter going against a lightweight. Just because Floyd and his dad say he could still fight at 135 or 140, and keep repeating it. Smh, u knuckleheads make it so easy for the Mayweather’s. They gotta be laughing their ass off and shaking their heads in disbelief all the way to cash their fat checks!

      • Regardless of whether it is strategy or boxing, or not boxing. It comes down to the plain and simple fact that we want gladiators, fighters, brawlers, men or women. Those who can say I am stronger, faster and smarter an overall better fighter by putting you on the ground and not letting you up without assistance. Boxing is just a sport created by the want of physical violence to entertain, and to show who was the stronger man. From the very early form of the sport it was entertainment and glory nothing more. It has lost its value you there. That is why the biggest paying fight of all time for the sport only needed to do one thing….entertain and it did not, plain and simple.

      • That’s what your mouth says now, but as soon as the media builds up another opponent as the one who can kick Floyd’s ass, your hatred for him will make you pay to see that….jjust to be disappointed like this fight.

    2. You want the ugly truth?

      It wasn’t worth the time invested. Forget those who will talk about the money paid for the tickets, because of the kind of skill and entertainment the likes of your kind used to put on…. this was a “Tom and Jerry” drill.

    3. I feel that Mayweather had the better game plan that night. He kept Manny on the outside and used his reach to his advantage. Although I didn’t enjoy Floyd clinching whenever Manny got inside to let off combinations, it was a great tactic even though many fans did not enjoy it. It didn’t seem to me that Manny’s corner had any other game plan for him, or he just wasn’t listening. He seemed very frustrated. Many people say Floyd isn’t a very strong puncher, but those right hand leads sure did have an effect on Manny and kept him from rushing in. I felt Manny needed to use more footwork, angles, head movement, and give Floyd different looks throughout the fight. He let Floyd get comfortable from the first bell to the last and was just to on dimensional. I’d like to see a rematch, maybe not for the $100 this one cost, but $50-$70.

    4. I think Pacquiao was out classed, and that there was nothing he could have done to change that fact..infact,I think he’s fortunate that Mayweather didn’t look to knock him out because he could have..also, Pacqucampand his camp showed very little class in the post fight press conference by saying that he thought he won the fight and talking about his shoulder injury.. Made Mayweather looked like the gracious guy in the end.

        • I think pacquiao – marquez is a more entertaining and interesting fight eventhough manny lost that fight at least they gave it their all. Not unlike mayweather who only runs around and puches every once in a while. That’s not boxing like what darwin commented earlier.

      • If you don’t know boxing you shouldn’t comment. If you even slightly watched the fight you would’ve known that Mayweather spent most of the night running with Packy being the aggressor. Running and creating angles are two very different things. My coach would tell me to quit boxing if I ever ran like Mayweather did in a few of those rounds. Not to mention the other cheap things he “had to do for the win”

        • I agree with Joe. Mayweather ran away most of the fight and even fought dirty. But to be honest, he’s been avoiding this fight for several years just like he has avoided a fight with anyone that COULD beat him. Only after they lose a step will he agree to fight them. Total coward. And don’t say you’re the best when you’re afraid to fight someone who may be better and in their prime!

      • As you very well know, it is not easy to dance 12 rounds in that heavy rhythm. Pacquiao it was assaultive all the time, he was like a bulldog pursuing his straight objective: pressing and show the arbiters that he is more aggressive. Pacquiao’s play was uniform and predictive, he was trying to wear down Mayweather. Unfortunately, this is not even close to be a good strategy against an opponent like Mayweather. If he only had risk more… who knows?

        We all had saw how in this dance Mayweather was smarter, graceful, better. Pacquiao was a throwing punches ratchets but Mayweather was a May storm. He had countered every punch in a manner so light and eficient! If I would like corrida, I would say that Pacquiao was the bull and Mayweather was the banderillero. Sometimes bull wins, this time he was not.

        Respect for both of them! For me it was a wonderful match that could be better only with a KO in 10-11 round.

    5. Great fight that showcased technical skills by two opposing fighters w very different fighting backgrounds. Manny’s aggressive high combo style against Mayweather’s defensive counter style. Was super impressed by both boxers.
      Only dislike of the fight I had was that Mayweather hugged up Manny almost every time he came inside instead of countering his way out of it. I know that’s a defensive tactic to take away a fighter’s combo attack but I don’t think that is true boxing. Would have much rather seen more counter punches or footwork by Mayweather in those situations. But other than that, I loved the bout. Great display of two very different boxing skills.

      • Hey cody you know what you are talking about ,excellent comment and the true . i like Mayweather ‘s defensive counter style “

      • Does no one remember the rumble in the jungle? Ali, who most consider the greatest, used the clinch, put Foreman in a headlock every chance he got, was always moving backwards and using the ropes and corners, and covered up during flurries. EXACTLY like Mayweather did in this fight. The only difference, Mayweather utilized that tactic from the first bell to never let Manny gain any momentum in the fight. Ali was the mastermind that found the strategy during the fight a few rounds deep and was able to convert what certainly was looking like an L to a dominating KO for Ali.

        • yes Ali did what he had to do to win but I do recall mayweather saying “So you gonna tell me that it’s cool to lay on the ropes and take punishment and let a man tire himself out from beating you and then he basically fatigued? You hit him with a few punches and he go down and quit, and you want to be glorified for that? Absolutely not, not me.” However that’s exactly what he did, biggest hypocrite!

          • We must not have been watching the same fight Hadi, because Mayweather emulated Ali with one major difference, Mayweather wasn’t taking any punishment, Ali was. Plus, we are comparing two very different weight classes. Manny has never fatigued himself in a fight from throwing too many punches. In fact, throwing furious flurries for entire fights is kind of his thing. Mayweather had his gameplan, which is the same as always and out boxed Pacman. Pacman came out and did nothing anyone expected him to do, it was pathetic.

            • You don’t know boxing Mikey. Floyds always run and did nothing his jabs and counter punch outsmart by Pacman of his combination and the three judges were blinded and they did not score Pacman combination 4 or 5 points.Did you see the comments of former heavy weight champion Evander Holyfield and former Welter Weight Champion Shane Mosley that they thought Pacman won. Myself was a undefeated Full Contact Karate Champion I revisited the video tape bet. Pacman Vs Floyd and I score the clear punches between Pacman and Floyd, My score card was 8 rounds Pacman won and 2 rounds for Floyd and 2 rounds draw. the Nevada Commission must check the Video tape if Floyd has win agains Pacman who is the aggressor and rally the fans everytime Pacman made combination. Actually Floyd is shameful in any 12 rounds he did not engage with Pacman. so, Timothy bradley is better boxer than Floyd because almost the 12 rounds he engage with Pacman and that’s the Fight is exciting and worth paying for. Floyd was shamed he did not give any round for toe to toe against Pacman and rob their money from 100$ to 375K$ ringside. FLoyd is shameful to the boxing fans. We wait for 6 years and Floyd did not engage with Pacman even one round. Is Floyd you Champion Mikey you are ashame too.

            • In response to Mikey who comments here below. Floyds always run and did nothing of this fight of the Century but only jabs and counter punch and run he is outsmart by Pacman of his combination and the three judges were blinded and they did not score Pacman combination 4 or 5 points.Did you see the comments of former heavy weight champion Evander Holyfield and former Welter Weight Champion Shane Mosley that they thought Pacman won. Myself was a undefeated Full Contact Karate Champion I revisited the video tape bet. Pacman Vs Floyd and I score the clear punches between Pacman and Floyd, My score card was 8 rounds Pacman won and 2 rounds for Floyd and 2 rounds draw. the Nevada Commission must check the Video tape if Floyd has win agains Pacman who is the aggressor and rally the fans everytime Pacman made combination. Actually Floyd is shameful in any 12 rounds he did not engage with Pacman. so, Timothy bradley is better boxer than Floyd because almost the 12 rounds he engage with Pacman and that’s the Fight is exciting and worth paying for. Floyd was shamed he did not give any round for toe to toe against Pacman and rob their money from 100$ to 375K$ ringside. FLoyd is shameful to the boxing fans. We wait for 6 years and Floyd did not engage with Pacman even one round. Is Floyd your Champion Mikey you are ashame too.

            • Rolly, first off, Evander came out and said he isnt taking away Mayweathers victory. He did state the aggressor used to be the one that wins rounds, but it only helps if its working to the fighters advantage. Second, You are way too bias against Floyd to have a legitimate conversation with, cause if you think Pacquiao in any of his flurries connected 4 or 5 times, thats insane. Maybe 4-5 landed clean the whole fight when Mayweather had his guard up and against the ropes (there were other clean punches that Manny landed, but off the ropes when Floyd didnt have his guard up). I mean, his camp is being investigated for this fight, for how badly he performed, and your still saying he won, its absurd. Not one person that knows fighting has called it Mannys way. Look, I hope Manny gets better and theres a rematch in a year so the Fannys can stop with all the excuses and crap. Floyd isnt a knockout artist, but one of the best boxers and defensive fighters of all times. His one flaw is brittle small hands which he has no control over, but has developed his game around that and still has dominated a sport where your hands are your weapons. Lastly, the out of the ring antics dont make him any worse of a fighter, but that clouds most peoples judgement on how he is as a fighter.

    6. Hey champ people were mad at you when u outboxed and out pointed Hagler….they wanted you to brawl but you used your speed and talents to win on points….same deal with Floyd

      • Floyd and Sugar Ray are both smart fighters but at least Sugar Ray engaged in his fights. Throws flurries too. He is an exciting boxer and not a boring boxer. Floyd is not the best ever. Sugar Ray is.

    7. I certainly was disappointed. I’m used 2 watching the battles of Hagler, Hearns, Duran, as well as u Ray. Mayweather did what he does best yes, but throwing punches is also part of the boxing sport. Take your 2nd fight with Duran for instance, u were using that ring, but u also stuck and moved. Sticking and moving is a fine art of boxing. I didn’t pay 2 watch a dance session… that’s exactly what we watched on May 2nd.

      • Simple but very true. I agree with you bro. It was very outrageous that the score was 110-118. Manny was the aggressor in this fight not floyd.

    8. I think u are still the goat!!!! And n ya prime would have beat both of them I think Manny was out classed and Floyd could have done alot more but Ali against Foreman u have to have a plan n stick to it cause if u don’t one lucky punch can change everything n we all no Manny was a hitter no rematch needed from what I seen

    9. I do not believe the fight was fair do to his shoulder being injured. I also still think Mayweather could have lost this fight if it was not for a injury of that type. The is what wins fights. This case. He lost. I am really saddened about the heavyweight fighters. Nothing like SugerRay or Ali. We can not for get one of the best. Rocky. I use to sit back for hours watching 2 of the names I listed. I have not watched a heavyweight Boxing in 10 years. That is sad to me. All the good ones retired! Or dead. Have to bring that feeling and adrenaline pumping back in heavyweights and start paying attention some one like me who grew up with Ali And SuerRay. Good Day.

    10. To be honest Marquez has a better chance than Pacquiao! Pacquaio’s pumches are just a little bit harder! The truth is that the people were more disappointed in Pacquiao and putting all the blame on Mayweather! Mayweather fought a great fight! And if sticking & moving is running and letting your opponent slug you out then I need to read a boxing manual or something! A boxing ring is around 16 to 24 square feet so it’s not to far that one can run! If Floyd was scared or an asshole he could easily denie Pacquiao of a rematch! I think Floyd is a good business man and knows when he’s wasting his time in the ring with someone he knows that doesn’t stand a chance!

      • You know Toni you like boxer who is always run and tell me did he engage Pacman if he made toe to toe with Pacman any of the 12 round the boxing is over. I think Toni you are blind Floyd was booooo by many fans he steal the money of all fans. Did you see the exciting when Pacman made combinations the fans are cheering and if you see the combinations it landed on Floyds head and body. Floyd did not even know combination because he is boring and scared to Pacman. Timothy Bradley is better than Floyd because he engage with Pacman and that was exciting. The skills of Floyd is not a champion He likes hit and run that is coward and many boxing fans confessed that Floyd did not do anything and did show even one round to engage with Pacman. So Floyd is boring boxer so you too Toni. All previous champions like sugar ray, Ali, rocky Marciano all of these engage with their opponent and make toe to toe. Floyd coun!t do to engage with Pacman because He will be KO so what did hit and run and Floyd is shameful to all boxing fans. In my own analysis even Pacman has one hand because his one shoulder endured still Pacman won got 8 Rounds he landed most to Floyd’s head and body while Floyd got only 2 round. Pacman was rubbed by Nevada Three Judges just like before they did to Pacman vs Bradley 1.,

    11. I cannot believe in this day in age that a professional fighter actually wins a fight by unanimous decision by not fighting,
      as much as I love boxing this fight turned me away from boxing. At least pacquiao came to fight and under the conditions with his shoulder he still gave it all he got.
      I hope my $100 goes to Manny Pacquiao and as far as a rematch I wouldn’t invest $1 to see Mayweather do what he did in this fight.

    12. As a former boxer, I would say few things:
      1) Maywheather did as what he always does – let’s not forget one of the main goals in boxing “Try to get as less punches as possible”
      2) Of course, two completely different styles, but the only main advantage which Manny has ( and didn’t use) was pressing Floyd with as many punches as possible.
      3) Money talks as well. Not many of us would understand why Manny didn’t show his potential in this fight.

      I’m originally from Bulgaria, and was trained under the old boxing school, and must say that I miss that level of boxing( in intellectual and powerful manner), which was very well represented by Sugar Leonard, Tyson, Roy Jones, Prince Hamed, Holyfield, and many more.

    13. Pacquiao’s footwork just wasn’t there.i don’t care how good you are if you don’t have the foot work you going to loose.

    14. This is the worst fight in the history of boxing. They can have all the money, but they can not have the glory. These two boxers actually win financially. The losers are the people.

    15. I’m an amateur boxing historian; I did the last long form interview with him before he died. The warmth he had for Sugar Ray Leonard, Ali and Carmen Basilio will always stock with me. “I hope I did something to support those guys;,”he said, but you’re only as good as the guy on the stool. ”

      Anyway as for MayPsc, it removed me of a lot of Lenox Lewis fights. If the puncher is not making the fight, why do we blame the boxer? Is he supposed to abandon his game plan, which is working, because it’s not exciting for the audience?

      Pacquiao came in nor in shape to fight 12 rounds by his own admission and wasn’t busy enough to make the fight. None of that is Mayweather’s fault.

      The fight was exciting early. It wasn’t until after the 4th, when Pacquiao claims his injury flared up, that things got slow and boring.

    16. The last Marquez fight had to be in Manny’s head after he was knocked cold by a counter that he never saw. This is why he couldn’t let go of his combinations when he rushed Mayweather, because Floyd could have done the same. Only way I’d watch a rematch is if it’s free.

    17. The fight was a classic Mayweather bout. He did,what he always do. I would not pay another 100 for the fight, because,it would be the same result.

    18. Some styles cancel out others, and although we had two of the best pound for pound fighters in the world face off against each other, there styles didn’t connect!
      You vs Haglar = connection.
      You vs Hearts connection.
      You could connect with anyone, because …yes you could be elusive, but if you were called to war then war it was.
      That’s what it takes to be one of the all time greats. Sugar Ray Leonard….. unforgettable!!!
      Floyd Mayweather. ….. I will never watch any of his fights twice!!!! Unless maybe he gets beaten.

    19. As a coach, I always iinstructmy boxers to either do or die in the last two rounds. I did not hear this from Mannyxs or Mayweather’scorner. Very disappointed.

    20. SRL, I thought Manny looked heavy legged, maybe even lethargic. It also appeared that Manny didn’t execute his game plan very well. Too many straight punches, not enough angles. When he did have success, it was behind the right jab followed by the left. But he didn’t do it often enough, and seemed to abandon it when it did work. Should injury or not, very underwhelmed by his performance.

    21. If feel the fight is no different then leonard vs hagler. He fought the right style to beat a strong competitve southpaw. Took away what he was used to doing an made hagler fight against his own adversities. Floyd did the same he didnt run he fought a smart fight. Plus he knew that after the knockout manny recieved basically he had to punch him hard enough to give manny flashbacks an make him fight more cautious then hes used to fighting. Manny respected floyds accuracy and strength which caused him to adapt to floyd but after training for months for one style an fighting against a differeny stlye he wasnt prepared to lose. I dont want to hear about his shoulder thats his problem. thats not floyds fault.manny wants that med(steriods) in his shoulder so he can throw punches recklessly like he did in past. But I believe he would have lost regardless..I give floyd his props like I gave sugar his props beating hagler…nuff Mayweather and sugar ray greatest boxers of alltime. I watched sugar since I was a kid with my father. TBE…..

    22. A lot of people won’t see this fight for what it is, boxing at its purest form. Of course it’s more exciting to see someone beaten to death by those who don’t really know what the sport is all about, doing your best to hit without getting hit in return. Mayweather is a master at that. You don’t have to like him to give him credit for being one of the best defensive fighters of our time. I enjoy counter fighting, remembering guys like Roy Jones and “Sweatpea” Whitaker, fighters who made an art of hitting without being hit. That to me is boxing, Mayweather is not as exciting as those guys but still in his own right one of the best pound for pound fighters in history.

    23. Ducking and dodging is boxing holding and running is not. Great D my ass he should have lost points with all the holds who knows maybe he will become a wrestler when he retires from boxing.

    24. manny let everyone Down , we waited 6 years for to happen he done more smiles & selfies then Fighting in this fight, as for his Excuse that’s just not excepted at this higher level of pay , I think he should go back to Philippines & go in to retreat & become a monk since he’s so religious, this coming from big manny Fan sorry to say

    25. I Boxed many years and I’m appalled that people are disappointed they didn’t see a blood bath… Exactly as the Master Sugar Ray said “Floyd did what he need to do” just enough and Many was unable to change the game to suit him. Simple!
      This is not the Roman Coloseum where we are meant to see people fight to the death… Nor is it the early eighties and beyond of 15 rounds slugfests!

    26. It was a terrible fight. Both boxers were trying too hard not to get hit. It looked to me like they were scared of each other and neither wanted to leave it in the ring. And, I don’t believe for a second that Manny’s shoulder was hurt. That’s nothing more than a smokescreen to hype a rematch, which I wouldn’t attend if it was held in my hometown. Watch Hagler vs Hearns. That’s a fight between two boxers who wanted to leave it in the ring … and did !

    27. Thanks for bringing your expertise into this. Lord knows you are far superior to both fighters. After all even though it’s their profession and money seems to be everything to most people, its supposed to be entertaining. That’s why people spend to see it. Still I’m glad for Mayweather , he accomplished his wishes. God is good, but you the man Ray…

    28. So rry RAY, I feel like mayweather is the worst champion TO ever wear the belt in the ring n out of the ring. I feel cheated as a boxing fan On his performance.

    29. I’m a Manny fan.. If Manny danced as much as Floyd, so as to mirror his movements then there wouldn’t have been as much action and as they would’ve expected.. So they could just both lose the gloves and do the tango..All I needed to see was the execution of the perfect left hook from Manny that would send Floyd to the mats.. But Manny failed to do so because of, what I would call the simplest of “ring crafts” :Hit and run or Hit and avoid being Hit.. Still it was an entertaining fight because it was like watching a rodeo show on ESPN.. where the clown runs from the bull..

    30. I think if anything people expected because it was more money, more of a fight and anyone who knows boxing klno0ws that styles make fights and as long as Mayweather is fine with his style of boxing and the opponent does not do what Sugar Ray said, why would he change anything. Yes, I think when you talk being the best and compare yourself to the likes of warriors, you must play the part and all he had to do was ENGAGE more but when a man tells you his heart is not in it anymore and he is only fulfilling contract obligations, who is the silly one to pay to see it, ? US – Leonard vs Mayweather in their prime???? Sugar Ray knockout in 5 –

    31. i get a kick out of people upset about this fight. floyd did what he always does. he dictates the fight and renders his opponent pretty much useless. why were people expecting to see a brawl or even more action? buyer beware. don’t hate the fighter. be upset with yourself if you weren’t happy with the outcome.

    32. What everyone fails to realize is that in boxing you have different types of boxers, you may have your brawlers, your technical boxers and you may have your smart boxers. A smart boxer studies their opponents and utilize their opponents strengths against them, this may include keeping your distance from their power, or throwing a lazy punch or jab and counterpunching off their missed counterpunches. Mayweather didn’t get to 48-0 by being a dumb or lucky fighter,ijs.

    33. People may complain, but I can garuantee that they will invest in the next fight. We are trained Americans who can not resist todays marketing strategies. LMAO…. See you all in September!!!

    34. “BOXING” it has truly been thee most passionate and most explosive sport to ever of been legal for our viewing pleasure, Till recent days!!!.. There’s still plenty of heart & soul boxers coming up through the ranks and thats fantastic but it’s not about how many fights they win and the amount of winning bouts they have under there belt. It’s about bearing ALL! Winning plays a massive percentage in a fighters career but the fans true champion is that fighter that has the hart to go toe to toe.. When a fighter enters that ring his main aim is to defeat his opponent by any means nessesery.unfortunatlly on Saturday night mayweather was only looking to safe guard his record by staying out of trouble. His defence was truly brilliant and his boxing skill is among the greats but I’m afraid he’s losing his dream of being remembered as the “GREATEST” ! ..technical boxing is becoming more technical that actual BOXING!.people pay to see a fight not a defence class. I’m not saying drop the defence, just carry all the passion and give the viewers what they paid for and in return the fighter gets what he started boxing for. The love of the sport

    35. Mayweather didnt fight for the fans or the spectators, he just did it for himself, he didnt put a show on, he played it safe and just did what he needed to do to stay undefeated.

    36. Sugar Ray Leonard, I thought that Pacquiao had a hard time closing the gap, regardless of a shoulder injury. Whilst Pacquiao has beaten larger guys before in Margerito, Cotto and De La Hoya, none had/have the fluidity combined with the footwork and speed of Mayweather. Plus Mayweathers jab is extended proper straight with great speed and excellent timing, thrown from a perma classic footwork stance. From this stance, with long arms, a relatively small torso, combined with the hybrid Philly shell and the aforementioned skills/attributes, Pacquiao was looking confused and disheartened and genuinely shocked from the 3rd round. It wasn’t a great fight, especially for the casual fan, though I enjoyed watching how Mayweather dealt with and ultimately outboxed Pacquiao. Does Pacquiaos performance, especially after that amount of hype and money that people have spent warrant a rematch? I don’t think so.

    37. Mayweather had utilised the right tactics to beat Manny. If there was a rematch then Mayweather would win on points again. I feel he should give Amir Khan a chance as I feel it would make a better fight as Khan has fast hands, will be slightly taller and is a natural welterweight and could be a knockout either way.

    38. Control the mind and the body will follow. Floyd has Jedi Skills. He’s masterful at confusing fighters and high jacking strategies. It doesn’t matter what PAC did, Floyd could easily go to something else. His focus is extraordinary and ability to adapt throughout a contest makes him very difficult to defeat. The aim of boxing is to hit and not be hit. Floyd is able to do this on a very high level. Floyd would not last if he fought the way others want him to fight. He’s too small and would have been retired and living in pain far from greatness had he done so. But the man is a winner regardless of whether you agree with how he does it or not. He lacks Sugar’s abilities but he finds ways to win!

    39. I personally think the fight was a masterpiece by Floyd, like you said sugar he inflicted his game plan on manny. Frankly anyone who knows anything about boxing it’s a sport that requires smarts and a game plan. At this weight class a k.o is not as probable then heavy or light… The guys a small it’s a speed and finess game both are amazing fighters and you have to do everything to keep from giving away that shot.. Most fans that watch this are not true boxing fans they don’t admire the foot work hand speed ring control. It takes so much to master the level these two are at anyways.

      I really enjoyed your analysis sugar, I’m sure all the true boxing fans thought the same.

    40. sad fight, We are so accustomed to the great battles of pacquiao This turned us awful
      Floyd, we know what it’s for,

      just a Pacquiao fight is better than five of floyd..

    41. Did Floyd win the fight?, YESSSS!!!.Did he punished,humiliated and knocked out Pacman as he said he would?, NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!.Was it the fight of the century?, by a LOOOOONG SHOT NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!.

      Did Floyd stayed in the pocket and took risks (like the masters of technique and defense did: You(Sugar Ray Leonard), Wilfred Benitez, Roy Jones, James Toney, Oscar Dela Hoya, Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whitaker,Willie Pep, Nicoilino Roche) while (Floyd) not getting tagged along the way, NOOOOO!.

      If all the great defensive boxers of the past had fought a Floyd Mayweather hit/hugg and run type of all defensive and NO RISK fight through their whole careers then all of them would have retired with a “0” loss on their record, SPECIALLY defensive wizards like Willie Pep, N.Roche Ali,BENITEZ,TONEY,,SWEET PEA WHITAKER AND YOU!!!!.Some of them did fight Mayweather no risk type of fight once in a while in their careers but IT WAS NOT THE NORM OF THE DAY!!!


      Will people remember this fight as the greatest contest between 2 legends?, NO, THIS FIGHT WILL BE EASILY FORGOTTEN !!!!! , ALI/FRAZER, Leonard/Duran 1,Leonard/Hearns 1, Hearns/Hagler, Robinson/Kid Gavilan, Tyson/Lewis, Morales/Barrerras, Ali/Forman, Louis/Schmeling were classic competitive fights (between 2 legends that took risks) to be remembered for the ages!!!!!!!!!!!!.Floyd/Pacman was a chess match to be forgotten within a 5 years span, NO CLASSIC MATCH UP!!!.

      Marciano had 49-0 but he took risks in all his fights and came always on top, imagine if he would just cruise through the fight and hugged/ran all night just to pile up points!!!, he would not be remembered as on of the all time best in the sport of boxing.

      You may say that Pacman’s performance is inadequate comparing from his previous fights but then again it takes TWO-TO-TANGO. At least he tried to chase FM. But what did FM is SELF-PRESERVATION!!!!!!

    42. mayweather did nothing out his ordinary. He boxed. Those upset with Mayweather shouldn’t have bought this fight bc he did nothing different from what made him 47-0. Manny didn’t take this fight as seriously as he should. Hurt shoulder or no hurt shoulder the outcome would’ve been the same. In my opinion. Those siting fighters like Ali and Frazier. Those are heavy weights. Any boxer wanting to stand and exchange blows just asking for brain damage

    43. Well I must have been watching a different fight according to most of the posts here – both fighters put in their best – the Pacman tried but came up short – Mayweather did all he needed to do to remain undefeated and good on him for doing so – do you really expect someone to stand in the middle of the ring and get punched all to hell – boxing is about attack and withdraw – defend and attack – Mayweather did all that and came out the winner – 5 people put up scores – the 3 judges who gave it to Mayweather – unanimous – and 2 of the commentators were scoring as well – both gave the majority of the 12 rounds to Mayweather – I’m not a judge but those 5 saw it the way they saw it and thats the end result – I believe in the saying – Everyone has an opinion and everyones opinion is correct – to them! – Mayweatherr won – get over it

    44. many ppl don’t realize that there is strategy involved in boxing. Those who are complaint about May running or dancing obviously have never watching his previous 47 fights. He is and always has been a defensive minded fighter. If anything you should be upset with pac. He completely neutralized pacman. He brilliantly executed his game plan. You’re an idiot if you say otherwise. If you had the skills to make one of the greatest fighters of this era (pac) miss 81% of the time…you probably would too if you were smart. look at some of the greats … Ali, Holyfield… Them dudes took a tremendous amount of punishment and are suffering now…

    45. There’s really no need for a rematch. Both guys will be a year older and Manny’s not going to be the same after that surgery. The ship has officially sailed.

    46. Ray is exactly right. Mayweather fought a very smart fight. He utilized his reach advantage to keep Manny at bay. Also, Manny should have known he was down points by round nine and gone after Floyd cutting off the ring and throwing more punches. I grew up in Las Vegas and was in high school and college in the 1980’s of Duran, Hearns, Leonard and Hagler. My generation is used to fighters going toe to toe in the middle of the ring. In my opinion, the 70’s-80’s was boxing’s heyday. Tommy Hearns had a tremendous right hand and left jab- just thin legs and an fair jaw. Hagler kept coming after you. Same with Duran only he was most effective as a lightweight. I’ve learned to respect Sugar Ray today, at my age 49.Though a widely known as a showboat, Leonard was very, very smart and if he had you in trouble, it was over- (Hearns- Leonard 9/16/81). I was an usher at the Leonard -Hagler fight and remember being very impressed how much he bulked up for the fight. While it’s debatable Sugar Ray was the best of his era, he certainly was the smartest. Thanks for the memories, Mr. Leonard.

    47. All in all it was a great fight to me yeah wasn’t any knock out but Floyd defensive counter is at a all time high and no one can make him change his style which a lot of people hate but for a fan who watched boxing for years knows to win a match u have to land more punches then your opponent or a knock out Manny did neither nor did he try to change Floyd’s game plan that would have benefit’s Manny with all being said rematch it would be nice to see think it would be the same outcome but a closer fight.

    48. Mayweather is one of the smartest fighters in the game, when he was younger he was nice with his fight game. Right now in his career its about money, legacy, and his health that’s it. He’s so smart that he knows how to beat most fighters without having to really fight and he’s going to milk it for all its worth. His marketing game is just as tight, he plan this right from the beginning. Got to respect the game though !

    49. rematch wont pay it all. The result will be the same. It’s pacman’s camp to change their strategy. They have to fight floyd’s tactics. Floyd stays clever by not clashing pacman. He wants the title not the entertainment and this is not what people wants to view. I hate to say but if all boxers have this kind of skills then boxing will die. I’m not saying slugging is the best way. You came to the ring with aggression because it is boxing an opponent 🙂 defending is the second skill.Real talk people don’t want to see how you are good at avoiding in the first place.

    50. True champions like you, Thomas Hearns, Marvin Hagler and Roberto Duran fought the best at their best (in their prime). Whereas Floyd Mayweather( and Oscar Delahoya too) only fought the best when they were on the downside of their careers.

      • Not trying to be rude..But compare the last 10 fighters of Floyd May weather compared to Manny…and repost that..who was the last fighter Floyd fought that wasn’t a title holder or top contender

    51. Hello fight fans. Mayweather is a true boxer. Not a slugger a boxer. And a very smart one. Im not a big Mayweather fan but u have to give him his props.
      The fight was set when Mayweather hit Manny in the 1st round with the straight right hand. With his speed, reach and defense i knew right then and there that Manny is in trouble. Wishing that Manny some how could get on the inside would have given him a better chance of winning. If there’s ever a rematch, Manny will need to be very aggressive as Sugar Ray stated.

    52. it’s impossible to compare eras. it’s pure speculation. with that said, i feel floyd would do much better than most experts/people give him credit for. meaning–i feel floyd would have beaten hearns. i feel hagler would have beaten floyd. i feel floyd could have beaten duran. bottom line–i feel floyd would have more than held his own in that great era of fighters. i won’t even go to floyd facing sugar!!!

    53. Mayweather is the best of this era, greatest defensive boxer ever, but I would rather watch him train than fight, for I believe to be truly considered TBE you have to take chances and try to close the show. Mayweather is a safety first, second, and third fighter.

    54. If u ask me that fight was the definition of boxing it wasn’t a fight and anyone who wished it was is not a fan of boxing it’s chess not checkers!

    55. liston, I agree with you on the point that it’s impossible to compare eras. For one, the way fighters are train now and the way they were trained back then differs so much. New techniques and advancements in science when dealing with strength and conditioning or health and nutrition might give fighters of this era a slight edge. But on the flip side, fighters back then fought the next man to the left or right of them on the rankings to either go one step closer to a title shot, keep their rank, defend the title or win it. Fighters, managers and promoters have way too much say so in who they fight next. This makes it so easy for fighters to build great records without really having to work too hard for it. And we’ve all seen what happens when they are given real challenging match ups. They can’t deliver. Hahaha , Seems I kind of side with the previous era.

    56. Lets go back to 80-81. Ray fought Duran the way Duran wanted to fight. He lost. In the rematch, Ray fought just like Floyd did against 48 other. Ali is truly the G.O.A.T., and his forte was floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee. Dancing and moving shouting he was to fast to be hit. Now that’s not cool? Everyone knows what’s really the issue here. People please!

    57. mayweather is a talented fighter he used the ring , established he jab in early ring the over right hand , he moved to hes left made manny lean forward so he could thro he’s right hand , he made manny look like regular fighter . Mayweather took him o school !

    58. mayweather is a talented fighter he used the ring , established he jab in early ring the over right hand , he moved to hes left madeJ manny lean forward so he could thro he’s right hand , he made manny look like regular fighter . Mayweather took him oTo school !

    59. Mayweather did what he always does, and Pacquio did what he always done, struggle with lateral movement. If you want to blame anybody for a lack luster performance, you need to blame Freedy Roach. He said he had the plan to beat Mayweather. Besides, Pacquio lost the fight at the weigh in, when he said “Thank you” to Mayweather indicating he was in the presence of greatness.

    60. do not destroy your name sugar ray by protecting mayweather that is not boxing they should have stopped the fight because there is a point in the fight that mayweather is not punching at all and just running and hugging

    61. Mayweather is a great boxer, but comparing him to all the greats, he’s the least offensive minded, and that is why he’s a boring fighter to see.

    62. Good thought on the posing too much, was really kinda dissapointed with pacquiao’s peformance, floyd is not easy opponent for anybody that’s out there, but I do feel maybe he did have some type of problem with his arm or shoulder or whatever, but overall just thought his strategy wasn’t that great. If he’s got a shoulder injury i’d say no rematch, but I would like to see floyd take on kahn, and maybe danny garcia. Kahn is smart, but Garcia def has knowledge and good punches.

    63. I am a former boxer. As well as a lifetime fan. I thoroughly enjoyed the fight.. I had a smile on my face the entire night… This fight was very similar to when Sugar Ray Leonard defeated Marvin Hagler… The only difference was haggler was a bit better than Manny… Not to take anything from Manny, but Floyd completely neutralized him… Thats beautiful boxing… The art of hitting and not getting hit… The outspoken and angry people commenting I highly doubt are hard core fans of boxing.. Mostly mma fans… A real boxing fan would appreciate a chess match and boxing clinic like what we saw the other day… The hatred being spewed towards Mayweather is without a doubt racially charged. Boxing has always had racial undertones. Had this fight been the exact same and Manny won, you all would have called this the “fight of the century”…. What this fight was about in the general public was this…. 47-1….. It wasn’t about Manny advancing his career, it was about you all seeing Floyd fall… What most fail to acknowledge is the fact that floyd is 20 years in…. He could’ve retired years ago and been solidified as one of boxings best… He was a lot more explosive and competitive when he was younger… Look at how he dispatched legends like Diego Corrales… He is older now, and a bit slower, but smarter in the ring… He gets no credit for that. Still fighting the top guys in the world. Manny fought Chris Algeri, a man with only 20 fights… A man that lives in his parents basements… A man who barely squeezed by Ruslan, a fighter that has never beat a big name, just a tough guy… That doesn’t qualify one to be on the world stage with the likes of Manny Paquiao… So manny gets praised for beating an up and coming ex kick boxer… Had Floyd fought someone of that stature, people would’ve never let that die down… Such a huge double standard… People judge Floyds character, when Manny has huge skeletons in his closet… As a married man.. The only difference is, he doesn’t live in america, all of his business isn’t broadcasted here… He’s the media darling, can’t do anything wrong… Even being a poor sport at the end of the fight and making excuses isn’t that bad to you all…. let Floyd give an excuse, y’all would go to town on him… Remember he beat the crap out of Carlos Baldomir with a broken right hand… He beat him with his left hand… Ali 15 rounds with Ken Norton after getting his jaw broken in the 2nd round… You CAN NOT go down as a legend when you make excuses… The greatest of the greats never made excuses…

    64. Hey Champ, I would like to say that I was disappointed that Pacquiao lost, but I was very pleased with the fight because Mayweather has proved that he is the greates boxer of my generation (1994 – today). Even though I didn’t think that the fight was going to happen, this fight had me believe that if any big fight gets announced and hyped up like the MayPac fight, the fight is already started.

      So if we look into what both fighters, Mayweather and Pacquiao, have done for the five years prior to the fight actually happening, we could see the results of the fight. Mayweather has been focusing on his boxing for five years; Pacquiao has had his focus among many other things like: congress, basketball, commercials, and boxing. Since was a boxing match and not a who can accomplish the most activities in five years you can already see who has won the MayPac boxing match.

      Moral of this analysis, if HBO, Showtime, or your promoter suggest an opponent for you, you better start preparing to fight that individual.

    65. After the first round, i knew Mayweather would win. I felt something was wrong. Kudos to Mayweather for winning it. But i keep asking myself what would have happened if manny has both hands working. It would have been a much closer fight because manny has a great right too.

    66. Dear Mr. Leonard,
      I have been a fan of boxing since I was a kid. My favorite boxers were Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Tyson and Manny. They are all champions and displayed exceptional skills and heart. I am very much disappointed in your comment that “this is what Floyd does best”? Yes you danced in the ring to avoid punches but you never avoided a “fight” ! if you know what I mean. This is exactly what boxing fans dont need to see. This is what destroys a sport whom millions of people love. For a true champion like yourself, i believe you know what im talking about. i agree with what Ali said….Floyd will NOT be remembered as a champion like Manny Pacquiao. Winning isnt everything. 49-0? Its how you are remembered as a true champion like Sugar Ray Leonard. God bless you and thank you for making boxing unforgettable.

    67. Manny wasn’t in fighting mode mentally. I saw video of him arriv I ng in LV holding his young child and smiling. I remember the old days when Fighters isolated themselves from their families and loved ones to make them mean before a big fight.I also noticed Manny would try to touch gloves with Floyd for about the 1st 4 rds. Just too friendly in the beginning. The shoulder? Who knows.. but I won’t be paying for the next flight if there is one.

    68. If ALI & LEONARD Do The Same Thing Like Mayweather did. We Will Not Remember Them ( ALI & LEONARD ) As A Greatest

    69. Floyd Mayweather like the great ray leonard like the great sweet pea Whittaker is a pure boxer who shut manny down for the most part like i believed he would when ray beat marvin i predicted that fight as well boxing is not always about the knock out its about the science of hitting and not being hit the smaller guy’s give us true boxing fan’s the art of boxing most of the time i didn’t feel like I was robbed of any money or disappointed in anyway I didn’t want to see a ko i want to see who was the better boxer and that’s what I daw Mayweather is the best of his Era….

    70. No i don’t think a rematch is worth watching. Mayweather is too self centered. Many other great fighters would have won that fight and to be honest, I think the public is ready for a new champ. #sadbuttrue

      • You can say Ali was self center, you can say DeLaHoya was self center you can say Sugar Ray Leonard was self center. Many boxers have been that way. The only difference is that Mayweather is his own promoter. He promotes himself. I can understand that as a boxing fan. Why are you taking it personal?

    71. Sugar Ray hits the nail on the head with this no-nonsense article. Beautifully spot on, Mayweather did exactly what he needed to do. Pacquiao’s efforts were admirable but Mayweather’s hands were so fast on the counter (plus I love his tactic of raising his hands, enabling him free to strike at any moment).

      By the half way point of the fight Manny had been tagged a few times and more to the point, missed the target quite often, which would have sapped his energy. Add the rotator cuff tear to the equation and it’s not a surprise Mayweather was an irrefutable winner.

      With regards to a rematch, other than the money, what’s in it for Pacman? If he’s a bit more gun-ho I would expect Mayweather to pick him apart and it could even result in another KO as per the Marquez fight. I love Manny but this fight proved a) who is the best pound-for-pound BOXER today plus b) the best welterweight is of this current era.

      See my write up on the fight –

    72. The first thing i thought when the fight was over was, “what did Sugar Ray think about this?” I met Sugar Ray ( my favorite boxer ) once at his house years ago..Such a cool guy! I’m not a pro boxer or watch every boxing match ( i did back in the day when it was a HUGE EVENT ) . The “fight” reminded me of a Tae Kwon Do match without the kicking. Good fighters the both of them and it seemed to be only about the points.. It also seemed to me that they actually liked each other during the match? In the 80’s you got a sense that both guys REALLY didn’t like each other and were going to fight till the death!
      I’m not a boxer and just a basic occasional boxing viewer. i TRIED and understood what Mayweather was doing in order to win the fight… was just…kinda…boring! NEVER did that ever happen in a Sugar Ray fight!! Those fights are what I’m used to and really had fun watching as a kid.

    73. A win is a win.
      Floyd came to win and not to fight. Thats the difference between Mayweather and Pacquiao. Pacquiao came to Fight and Floyd came to win. We all gave a chance to see him fight but he failed as all and he still come just to win. but there is this two questions that really bothers me:
      1. If i will beleive the Compubox that Floyd throw more punches than Pacquiao, it only means that he did not run and he fight Pacquiao toe to toe, how can you throw more punches than pacquiao and run at the same time , you can’t its impossible specially with Floyd he only counters using 1 and 2 that’s it he does not know how to give combos unlike manny.

      2. i thought that fight is a unification fight meaning its a fight between two fighters who hold different belts under the jurisdiction of two different governing bodies. that means to say that there is no challenger in this fight. meaning both fighters needs to be aggressive to win the fight. i can only see one person aggressive in the ring and the other one is just running.

      hope any of you can enlighten me.

      im not saying pacquiao won the fight, but i don’t agree on unanimous decision. it should be draw or split decision.

    74. The difference, Sugar Man, is when you were making Hagler miss, you were near him. There was a chance he could hit you, then you would roll your head to the left to avoid his hook. Stuff like that. Ali also stayed close to his opponents, only the length of his arm prevented them from getting closer. You weren’t running away.

      Look, we’re not all idiots and “you know nothing’ about boxing” as some Mayweather fans say we are. We’ve seen a lot of styles, actually. Even Willie Pep was entertaining, when he won a round without throwing a single punch because he made the other guy miss badly so many times. Making the other guy miss is different from making the other guy chase you.

      • Hold up you said the Hagler fight? He was close to Hagler, did you see the fight???? If I can remember that fight which I seen many times. Hagler is a brawler he cutoff the ring every round, Mr. Leonard had no choice but to stay close. Still Sugar Ray Leonard boxed and try to stay at length but couldn’t because the Brwler cutoff the ring something Manny P. couldn’t do Versus Mayweather. Stop your crying and see the fight for what it is. Manny didn’t do what needed to be done be made at Manny not Mayweather. By the way i’m not a Mayweather fan but I am a fan of the way he fights. He did what needed to be done to win the fight. It takes 2 not 1. Manny needed to get him of his game he didn’t he lost. Until the next fight. Look at the fights he fought other fighters who forced him to fight.

    75. Some of you are truly fans of boxing. Mayweather did what he had to. Yes I’m used to seeing Manny burst out with both hands and landing from every angle and he didn’t make it happen because Mayweather didn’t allow him to. Let’s move on and see what happens in the second fight and I hope it happens.

    76. Ray everything you mentioned is right on the money! yes t both Mayweather and Manny have contrast of styles that did not match up , the shoulder thing with many is a different issue all together , and his team should of postponed the fight and fought on a different date (that has been done before in the past with a big fight such as this ) , everyone is disappointed in this fight , they should not fight again shoulder healed or not , the result will be the same ,and Mayweather will fight the same fight , he did win this fight hands down , I at least gave Manny 4 rounds , ive watched the sport of boxing since I was a kid with my dad and older brothers , I still watch fights on t.v and I have to say Floyd does fight smart , but hes no Ali. both you and Sugar Ray Robinson , or Henry Armstrong you guys fought smart also but you were entertaining to watch . fight fan

    77. I think a rematch should happen. Just to see how it would really turn out when Manny is in full condition to fight and able to throw more combinations. If truly the problem was his shoulder then I am pretty sure we will see more action than what we saw last weekend. Its true Floyd did what he does best, but what would happen when Manny fully heals and does what he does best? Don’t you all think it would be a better fight, if the case are his shoulders. From the get go, my thoughts of the outcome was 50/50 I would not be surprised if Floyd wins or if Manny wins. They are both equal to me, but I did expect more from both side. I knew if there was no K.O and it was for the judges do decide I knew Floyd would be taking it no matter what, even though Manny was the aggressor. I knew in order for Manny to win was to knock out Floyd or throw more punches, but even that I highly doubt would have help him so in Manny’s case he needed a K.O. I am also pretty sure there will be a lot of people who are going to watch this fight. I mean who are we kidding? Almost every one on both sides want this rematch to happen, they are all obviously going to watch this happen. It may not be as much viewers like the first time but it will be worthy. In my opinion.

    78. SRL,
      What good is Cutting Off The Ring when Floyd would simply counter that by either RUNNING or CLINCHING when he’s cornered in a pocket? And sadly, refs have historically allowed his excessive clinching. He gets verbal warnings and that’s it ….. LIP SERVICE.
      Jeff Mayweather said Pacquiao looked like he was worried getting countered. I largely agree but also, Manny probably was concerned that he couldn’t counter back due to his injury.
      * * * In ur 1st Duran fight (and the recent Klischko-Jennings fight), Teams Duran & Jennings publicly complained about the refs’ tendencies and that greatly influenced how the ref’ed the fights. Team Jennings complained B4 & during the fight….. Klischko got stern verbal warnings then point deduction. And we all know the lousy job Carlos Padilla Jr did in that 1st fight

    79. Floyd fights for money; real boxers fight for the the sake of boxe, for loving boxe. I Think that resumes the issue


    80. The fight was what it was, if Manny had fought the way he fought Algeri, meaning , more side stepping and head movement, maybe it could have made the difference in the outcome but what ever, he just lost. He didn’t lose bad like Arturo Gotti did when he fought Floyd, but he still lost. And so life and Boxing goes on with both of them being considered and remembered at the top of the their game.

    81. The art of having the fighter come to you or so called chase you gives an skillful fighter leverage. It allows you to work from great angles, causes the fighter to have to punch off-balance and throw punches from awkward angles opening him up for great counter punches. Also if you fight well moving and off the ropes, it allows you to better time the opponent. Floyd has mastered this. Boxing is the sweet science!

    82. You call it BOXing for a reason…that fight was a about money making and keeping a record unblemished…id rather stop watching boxing and wait for a next real best boxer.

    83. I really was disappointed in Pacquiao’s performance in the fight. This guy is way more capable to putting on a very good fight, and that didn’t happen. Pacquiao made Floyd look way better than what he really is (In my opinion that is). The thing that we have to realize here is that Floyd has reached his peak. With a record of 48 and 0 there is no boxer out there that can touch him. In my opinion Floyd is looking for a 50 and 0 record before he retires. I believe that by the time another fighter with the credentials to go toe to toe with him emerges, Floyd may be a little too old to handle it. But the bottom line if that Floyd has nothing more to prove and the dough that he has made and will make is mind boggling. The boxing industry has come a long way since Ali, Sugar Ray, Hagler, Hearns, etc. Very few fighters want to go toe to toe and end up with battle scars. They want earn the dough fighting smart, which is what Floyd has been doing. I for one will not pay a per per view event to see this type of fight, no matter who it is.And I know that many older folks out there feel the same way…

    84. Bottom line is,..Floyd did EXACTLY wut intelligent fight fans knew ,and predicted hed do from the time that this matchup became a topic of interist,…Theres 2 kind of fight fans,..The uneducated ones, that ONLY recognize brutal, action packed slugfests,..and the EDUCATED fan, that understands, respects & ejoys the ‘science” and the craft of the art of boxing…At 38 yrs old, why would an undefeated champion switch a style that’s been bringing him huge success over the past 8 yrs??? tHE TRUE OBJECT OF THE SPORT IS TO HIT, AND NOT GET HIT,..And that’s exactly what FLOYD does/did last saturday…

    85. My thoughts are this…… If you all wanted to see a knockout and more a lot of action, then I recommend you watch MMA. You all know Floyd’s style and what he would do. It’s actually your fought for even believing a toe to toe prize fight with Floyd. Yes, the marketing of this fight was excellent and they sucked all of us into a fight of the century. Remember this, boxing has become a prize/business of how much money you can earn, rather than a love for the sport. Floyd did say that he isn’t in love with the sport anymore. That’s why he has changed his name from “pretty boy” to “Money”.

    86. Mayweather won the fight.. He also showed us that he is scared of engaging in a battle he often ran tied up even head locked Manny… He said he has one more fight then hes gonna retire.. That good because I dont think anynody really cares to see him or his style of boxing.. very boring. And its very difficult to hit someone that will not engage in a fight . So go on and retire undefeated.. u still wint get the respect that manny will get….

    87. some ones got to take a chance with mayweather back to the ropes cut the ring down don’t chase him let him chase you and boom boom test his chin

    88. Not convinced that someone who ran the whole night should have been awarded the fight. Ring general manship belonged to Manny…..he took the fight to Floyd who ran and hugged up….the judges got it wrong

    89. Boxing is a strategist sport. It’s also a point scoring short as well so if there is no tote of stoppage, whoever does the most points win. It’s not Floyds fault that Manny couldn’t get to him. Manny has been watching Floyd for years, if you know what he’s going to do why not prepare for it? Why should Floyd change the way he fight for Manny? Freddie roach has had other boxers fight against Floyd so he should have known what was going to take place. Floyd won the fight fair and square. Freddie will never have a boxer that can beat Floyd.

    90. You may not like how Mayweather fought but hitting with out getting hit is called the sweet science standing there and trading punches is the dumb ass science

    91. Sugar Ray Leonard you better boxer than Floyd why? Even sometimes you run but in all your fights you engagr toe to toe with them especially La Lone in light heavy weight bout I was young and that’s the kind of boxer we want like you. Floyd is not the kind of Champion wwant. In response to Mikey who comments here below. Floyds always run and did nothing of this fight of the Century but only jabs and counter punch and run he is outsmart by Pacman of his combination and the three judges were blinded and they did not score Pacman combination 4 or 5 points.Did you see the comments of former heavy weight champion Evander Holyfield and former Welter Weight Champion Shane Mosley that they thought Pacman won. Myself was a undefeated Full Contact Karate Champion I revisited the video tape bet. Pacman Vs Floyd and I score the clear punches between Pacman and Floyd, My score card was 8 rounds Pacman won and 2 rounds for Floyd and 2 rounds draw. the Nevada Commission must check the Video tape if Floyd has win agains Pacman who is the aggressor and rally the fans everytime Pacman made combination. Actually Floyd is shameful in any 12 rounds he did not engage with Pacman. so, Timothy bradley is better boxer than Floyd because almost the 12 rounds he engage with Pacman and that’s the Fight is exciting and worth paying for. Floyd was shamed he did not give any round for toe to toe against Pacman and rob their money from 100$ to 375K$ ringside. FLoyd is shameful to the boxing fans. We wait for 6 years and Floyd did not engage with Pacman even one round. Is Floyd your Champion Mikey you are ashame too.

      • Rolly, respectfully I would have to disagree, I rewatched the fight about 8 times (I’m a fight nerd) and I must say that my opinion went from Manny only winning 2 rounds to maybe 3 or 4 rounds after viewing it 8 times. Manny missed a lot and when he did have flurries (in the 4th and 6th) he did not always have clean shots although I did give him those rounds. After the first round Manny had no clue how to penetrate Mayweather’s defense, Freddie Roach kept telling him to move your head side to side and move in and out but Manny never could bridge the gap effectively and you have to give Floyd credit for neutralizing Manny’s straight left and also being able to keep Manny out of range for the majority of the fight, it was masterful.

    92. i think, mayweather won the fight because he does’t connect more combos on manny. if he did so, he will be beaten because manny can do counter attacks as he did on others fight. Manny will be disappointed when he was unable to come closer while mayweather jabs. Also manny should have been cutoff the ring.

    93. I would of liked to see you fight Floyd Mayweather, just to see if you could have beat him. I suspect it would of been a much closer fight than this one.

    94. Overhyped and overrated Manny is simply not in the same league as Floyd. He’s just too predictable for a boxer like Floyd and what he did in the ring that night (morning with us here in South Africa) was the best he could. He was also very careful when lunging forward, because he was wary of Floyd’s straight right that could floor him. I still think that Floyd in the best of his generation.

    95. I thought it was a good fight (for Mayweather), I enjoy technique much more than I enjoy a brawl. I thought Floyd used great technique in making Manny look like an average fighter, I mean think about it, the great Oscar dela hoya couldn’t neutralize Manny, Sugar Shane (who beat Oscar) couldn’t match up with Manny. In all of the other Pacquioa fights Manny is able to get his lead foot (right foot) to the outside of his opponent’s lead foot (left foot) which makes it easy for him to get the straight left in by cutting the distance but with Floyd he was only able to do that maybe once or twice, without Manny being able to get into that position he becomes an average fighter. Go on youtube and look at some of Manny’s other fights and you’ll see what I mean. Juan Marquez was the only fighter (besides Mayweather) who seemed to recognize this.

      • Great point! Boxing is all about skill, discipline, will and technique along other things. I agree that Floyd minimized Manny’s skill and made him uncomfortable during the fight. Manny was in attack mode but just couldn’t catch Floyd. We al know that two great fighters will get hit from time to time but I think boxers must use the ring to their advantage and give Floyd no room to run. Floyd will not exchange with fighters he will only hit and move or hit and tie up. Now that’s easier said then done.

    96. I dont deny Floid is great. Do I like him ? Hell No !! But he is great at what he does. He has taken on the role of a bully, which he has taken from WWE and its worked very well for him, he has made historical amounts of money from this role, but WWE is acting and fake, boxing is the real deal and if you play the role of a bad guy in boxing then people believe you are a bad guy. Thats where the Good vs Evil comes in. Pacquiao is concidered a good guy, everyone in the sport thinks that of him, but they also think he is a lion in the ring he never stops comming and he never gives up. Do I think he lost the fight? Yes I do, but I also think his injury played a major role in this fight, he would have fought tooth and nail in this fight even with Mayweather staying away and pot shotting him. Everyone was saying Manny wasnt chasing and punching Floid because Floid was too elusive and smart, I dont care how elusive and smart floid was that night Manny would have never stop trying, he is a risk taker even after the Marquez fight because this fight could define his career, it was a historic fight, you have to ask yourself even if Manny was loosing a fight would you ever think he would just get frustrated and give up. Manny is all about pleasing the fans injury or not he was not going to let his fans down, he was going to at least give it a try. A wounded warrior doesnt stand a chance against Mayweather. All things being even the night of the fight the outcome I believe would have been diffirent or at least Manny would have died on his sword, he would of kept going till the end. Buy the way Sugar Ray you are one of my favorate fighters of all time. Thanks for the years of excitement you have given all of us to remember.

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