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    There’s been a lot of speculation whether or not the fight was really going to go through or not. Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao had their official Press Conference 2 days ago and there’s the proof that it’s going through!

    They had their own red carpet event to set up for the event as they arrived in Los Angeles. After that, they finally got into do their press conference and had a memorable stare down that gave plenty of photo opportunities because it lasted almost two minutes!
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    1. Hey Ray!
      Before I say all I have to say, I just want to let you know that Marvin Hagler & You are my all time favorite fighters I was there an address where I could send you a hand written letter? I have way too much to ask you in an email & I did not see a place I could contact you other than on this comment space PLEASE GET BACK TO ME thanx again Ray…your life long fan John F Buckley

      • Hi John –

        I think the best way to answer some of your questions would be through a Q&A that I’ll host again. I had a successful one via Google Hangouts a couple of weeks ago and answered a lot of questions! I may do that again at the end of this month again, or possibly a Facebook Q&A. Best way to know is to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and I’ll make those announcements. Thank you John!

    2. One of my all time favourite fighters. He retired with dignity and he is putting something back into the community.

    3. Hey Mr. Leonard I’m a huge fan of boxing and remember all of your fights. Can settle a dispute Hearns vs Mayweather jr. I say Hearns height and punching power he would win, but these young guys don’t remember Him tho. Your thoughts?

      • Hearns vs Mayweather Jr.? You can ask any great fighter and champ, and it is natural for them to believe that they can defeat any and everyone!

    4. Ray, how would you fight (beat) Mayweather? How do you deal with his mirage chin? How do you defeat this defense specialist? P.S. SRL versus Duran vs Hearns vs Hagler are still the greatest fights EVER!

      • Thanks! There is no “one way” to beat Floyd because he is multi-talented. You have to defeat him mentally, which is not easy because of his belief in greatness!


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