Sugar Ray Leonard visits Global Gardens

Sugar Ray Leonard makes new friends during Tulsa school visit.

The former six-time world champion was given an extensive tour of the Eugene Field Elementary’s beautiful garden, which is maintained by students as part of the Global Gardens outdoor classroom program.

The Global Gardens mission statement: “To empower students in low-income communities to be agents of change … through hands-on science and peace education. We believe helping students create a garden is a way to not only assist them with learning about science, health and the environment, but also challenge them to become caring, forward-thinking and confident individuals.”

Leonard’s involvement in children’s causes isn’t occasional. It’s part of his routine. He is the president of the Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation, which, according to its mission statement, “is committed to funding research and creating awareness for childhood type 1 and 2 diabetes, and to help children lead healthier lives through diet and exercise.”


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