My Top 5 Greatest Boxers of All Time

    Sugar Ray Leonard - Top 5 Greatest Boxers of All Time

    Everywhere I go, I’m often asked about who’s on my list of “Top 5 Greatest Boxers of All Time”. To be honest, that’s a tough one. To limit the amazing sport of boxing and narrow it down to just 5 Boxers, I’m sure to leave some out. Yet, here’s my Top 5 Greatest Boxers of All Time:

    1. Muhammad Ali – It would almost be ridiculous not to have him on ANY list of Top 5 Greatest Boxers of All Time. Muhammad Ali was not only a great boxer inside the ring, but he was such an icon for the civil rights movement outside the ring. He’s simply, the Greatest.
    2. Sugar Ray Robinson – Sugar Ray Robinson and Muhammad Ali were both fighters that I looked up to growing up. But Sugar Ray Robinson, was such a Picture Perfect Fighter and an Entertainer. In my eyes, he was the perfect combination of those two qualities.
    3. Rocky Marciano – This man brought SO much into the ring for being so little compared to all of the heavyweights. To accomplish all that he’s accomplished, with a record of 49-0 with 43 knockouts, I find it amazing.
    4. Joe Louis – Joe Louis simply had the heart, the power, and the love of the people. He was such a great Champion that stayed champ for 140 consecutive months with a record 25 title defenses.
    5. Willie Pep – Any boxer that can win a round without landing a punch deserves to be in my top 5. Willie Pep was a great boxer that fought 1,956 rounds with a final record of 229-11-1 with 65 knockouts. It may be a legend or a myth about Willie Pep winning that third round without landing a punch on Jackie Graves, but even for that to be considered is still amazing to me.

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    1. Great list. I’m a tad bit younger and am a former amateur boxer. I will go with something like this.

      SR Robinson
      SR Leonard
      Hit man, Frazier or sweet pea (each in their prime) for a 5th place tie.

    2. I would agree with your choices, but I would probably have another or two more top 5’s. jack Johnson , Carlos Monzon , jimmy wild, Archie Moore, I could go on. But that’s the the fun of debate and comparison of these great pugilists.. Many thanks Dom

    3. Hi, accdg to floyd mayweather jr &his dad ur list is wrong.. He should be in the #1 standing.. And the rest he doesn’t care. #1 isn’t just right. He can beat and ko all on ur list in a single rd! 😉


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